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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Raising Littles Bend?

Raising Littles is for every mom to feel loved, nurtured and supported - no exceptions!

What does membership include?

Our goal is to be laser-focused on supporting the mothers in our community. Our members have access to a wide variety of activities geared towards mamas and their littles. We offer activities for kiddos, including playgroups, park meetups, arts and craft projects, story time, and field trips. Activities for moms include guest speakers, mom's night out, coffee meetups, happy hour get-togethers, book club, walking group, and subgroups for different interests (summer/winter sports, hobbies, etc). And activities and seasonal parties for the whole family! Members gain access to all the exclusive content on our website, including the events calendar, discussion forum, member directory, news, and more. We also offer sunshine baskets, meal trains, and special support as needed.

Can dads join?

Right now, our group is for moms, but some of our events are for the whole family -- partners included!

How do I sign up?

You can easily register online here!

What do membership dues cover?

Your $30/year membership fee helps cover our activities and snack budget for meetups, mama care packages or sunshine baskets, as well as admin costs such as website and organization fees.

Are older siblings welcome?

Always! Certain activities may not be relevant for them but they are always invited to join. We fully intend to stay agile to cater to our community needs based on the stages of raising littles that our moms are in.

Money is tight right now. What if I can't pay?

No worries! We want every mother who needs support and community to join. Use the code RLBLOVE100 at checkout during the registration process.

What about COVID-19?*

At Raising Littles Bend, we take the health and safety of our members very seriously. We are complying with the recommended guidelines for Deschutes County's current "HIGH" risk level. For all Raising Littles events, masks and 6 foot social distancing are required. Please stay home if you feel any symptoms.

*Status of in-person events is dependent on case levels. We will pause in-person activities when necessary, but will try and offer virtual events for moms and littles as much as possible.

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About Us

Raising Littles Bend is an organization committed to building community among moms in Bend, Oregon. We are a welcoming group of women who value kindness, inclusivity, diversity, and support. Our goal is to provide our members with opportunities for learning, growth, and fun to aid them on their parenting journey.

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